Certified Health Coach & Marketing Consultant

My name is Jacki Jacoby Smith and I moved here from Atlanta in 2000 when Gordon and I got married. I work at Facial Beauty Dental as a Certified Health Coach as well as an outside marketing consultant. Up until 2011, I was a teacher consultant for the Visually Impaired for over 25 years in both Georgia and Michigan. After losing 40 lbs on the OPTAVIA program, I knew I had to help others.

As a health coach, I have the opportunity to help our patients develop lifelong habits of health, reach a healthy weight, and active lifestyle. We also help our clients improve sleep, enhance circulation and increase energy and stamina.

I am happy to be part of Gordon’s dental practice at this exciting time of technological advances as well as facial beauty enhancement. Gordon and I have two terrific daughters, Meliss and Dana, and four adorable grandchildren, Shai, Ilan, Harrison, and Sophie. When not helping others reach optimal health, I enjoy gardening, knitting, camping, folk dancing, traveling, and working out, as well as playing Scrabble and Mah Jongg. My newest hobby is piano.