Dental Technology

Here is a list of some of the many advantages for patients that the LightScalpel laser technology provides.

Minimized Bleeding

As it vaporizes the tissue, the LightScalpel laser seals small blood vessels. This great reduction in bleeding makes surgical procedures quick and easy. In many cases, no sutures are required.

Less Swelling and Discomfort

The LightScalpel CO2 laser beam seals lymphatics, resulting in less post-operative swelling and discomfort associated with traditional scalpel surgery.

Reduced Risk of Infection

 The sanitizing effect of the laser reduces the risk of infection and means faster healing.

Shortened Surgery Time

Less bleeding results in the improved visibility of the surgical field. The surgeon and the team do not have to spend much time trying to control the bleeding, and as a result, the duration of the surgery is reduced.

Faster Recovery

Reduced trauma, minimized bleeding, less pain and swelling, and shorter periods of anesthesia mean, in most cases, you can go back to work or school the same day.

Reduced Risk of Scarring

Several studies have shown that CO2 laser irradiated areas, (compared to traditional methods) heal with less wound contraction and scarring due to the reduced amount of myofibroblasts at the surgical site.

Advanced laser tools mean better results

The lightweight ergonomic handpieces and flexible fiber waveguide of the LightScalpel CO2 laser allow for enhanced precision with pin-point accuracy. In addition, LightScalpel accessories significantly facilitate surgeries in difficult to reach places.