General and Restorative Dentistry for a Great Smile, a Great Face, and Great Dental Health

Preventive Dentistry (Exams and Cleanings)

We provide a broad range of services to help prevent problems before they happen, or at least handle them while they’re still small. In addition, we emphasize and teach proper home care.
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Restorative Dentistry (Tooth Repair)

Throughout life there are stresses on our teeth, and these stresses can be tough on our smile. Age, heredity, accidents, and even prior dental care can cause wear and tear of your teeth, bite misalignment, and risks to overall oral health. These problems are interrelated and often require multifaceted solutions to create the best smiles for our patients.

TMJ Therapy

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) is a term commonly used to describe a variety of conditions. It is not one disease or disorder. The temporomandibular joint is the jaw joint, but not all of the conditions involve the joint itself. Many of these conditions are actually MPD (Myofacial Pain Disfunction) and are in fact a muscle problem. However, the TMJ itself can be damaged just like any other joint.

Oral Surgery (Extractions)

Although the goal of modern dentistry is to eliminate the need for extractions, sometimes they are necessary. We pride ourselves on the ability to make your experience comfortable and pain-free. We extract third molars (wisdom teeth) and other teeth, as well as perform biopsies and other minor surgery. Nitrous oxide anesthesia is available for your comfort.

Health Coaching

OPTAVIA, a weight-loss program launched in 1980 and implemented at Johns Hopkins University, has since been used by over 20,000 physicians and healthcare providers to help their patients lose weight and improve their health. The protocols have almost a two-decades-long record of safety and efficacy backed up by clinically proven results.

Dental Implants (Tooth Replacement)

If you wear dentures or partials, the inconvenience, discomfort and fear of embarrassment seem a constant burden. There is a solution. With the stability of natural teeth, dental implants restore confidence, self-esteem, and natural look and feel. Best of all, they enhance your quality of life and restore peace of mind.


Orthodontics is the specialized area of dentistry which handles the treatment of problems in the alignment of teeth and jaws. By focusing on the face and not just the teeth, patients are given their own fountain of youth – a balanced face and a beautiful, stable smile. Our goal is to provide the highest level of orthodontic therapy possible in a caring, friendly environment. Dr. Smith is a member of the International Association of Orthodontics. He offers both traditional braces and Invisalign.®

Root Canal Therapy

Occasionally, a tooth’s nerve chamber will become infected, requiring a root canal to save the tooth. This treatment cleans the infected chamber and repairs the damage, saving your natural tooth. Our office utilizes a procedure that is both comfortable and completed in less time than previous methods.

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

People feel self-conscious and embarrassed about bad breath, and it can result in the loss of jobs and personal relationships. Some estimate that there are up to 90 million people who suffer from Chronic Bad Breath. Even though bad breath originates in the mouth 80% of the time, it is often a symptom of underlying disease. Therefore, we treat bad breath as a medical condition.

Better Health Care is Our Mission


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