ROOT CANALS- What Are They?

Many people come into the office without any understanding of endodontic (root canal ) therapy. I am often asked the following questions: Why do I need root canal treatment? Does that mean that I have to get the roots removed? After having a root canal, I had to have...

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I had one assistant go home with a bad cold or flu and another leave today because her daughter has the H1N1 virus. I had to close today. Has the flu affected your business or family? Are you planning on getting vaccinated for the regular flu or for H1N1 (swine flu)?...

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Invisalign Day

We had an excellent Invisalign Day yesterday. We started 4 new cases and got commitments for more.  We have decided to extend all discounts for two weeks so that anyone who was unable to attend will still be able to receive these tremendous rates. Call us for more...

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